Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gender blender

Hiya everybody!
I bet you are wondering what the HECK I am talking about in my title!
Well....I have a contest for you!!!
Whoever wins, gets a post where I turn their pet(s) into the opposite gender!!!

I have a photo of Mikko I did a little photo shopping on ^__^

Isn't he adorable as a girl?? I love the eyes!!

Contest info:
If you want to enter, you have to send Mikko and I a photo of your pet(s) with their best clothes on, (opposite the gender clothes). If you enter along with 3 or more people, you can vote for other entries. There will be a poll on my sidebar for voting. It will say on the poll when the voting will close. 
There will be a page on my navigation bar for the entries and the votes will be displayed on the poll.

Here is the contact information:

If you want to send me them(it) any other way, here is another way to send them(it) to me:

I hope some of you decide to enter. I am curious to see what I can come up with!

Siamese kisses from Mikko


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