Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gender blender

Hiya everybody!
I bet you are wondering what the HECK I am talking about in my title!
Well....I have a contest for you!!!
Whoever wins, gets a post where I turn their pet(s) into the opposite gender!!!

I have a photo of Mikko I did a little photo shopping on ^__^

Isn't he adorable as a girl?? I love the eyes!!

Contest info:
If you want to enter, you have to send Mikko and I a photo of your pet(s) with their best clothes on, (opposite the gender clothes). If you enter along with 3 or more people, you can vote for other entries. There will be a poll on my sidebar for voting. It will say on the poll when the voting will close. 
There will be a page on my navigation bar for the entries and the votes will be displayed on the poll.

Here is the contact information:

If you want to send me them(it) any other way, here is another way to send them(it) to me:

I hope some of you decide to enter. I am curious to see what I can come up with!

Siamese kisses from Mikko

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Watermarking tutorial

In our previous post, we mentioned a photo thief. In the comments, some people asked how to watermark. So,  I will just show those who don't know how to do it.

So first you have your photo:

As you can see, there is nothing written on this photo. Now, to put a watermark on it, you just go into a photo editor. I use PicMonkey.

What you do now, is you write your blog name (Or blog initials) wherever you feel is right for you.

I prefer to have mine sort of blended into the photo.

(I apologize for the quality of this photo MOL!)

Now we need to add a copyright symbol. You can find on on the internet and sometimes right in your photo editor, like mine.

You do not HAVE to put the copyright symbol, but I prefer to.

Anyways, that is how to add a watermark, in case you did not know. :)

Siamese Kisses from Mikko 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Photo thief

Hey everyfur,
I have recently been told about a photo thief.
They have been stealing people's photo's, including my own. Click here to have access to their website. Try searching your blog's name and see if they are there.
As most blogs, ours is copyright protected and they had no right to steal our photo's, and you shouldn't let them get away with stealing yours.

Umm...they may have messed up the order for a detective photo Mikko...heh...
Anyways, Detective "Sparkles" was immediately on the hunt for the "Contact us" button on the thief's website. When he found it in a matter of a second, I sent them a message. Success! Our photo's were removed! But there are still blogs with stolen pictures. Take action ASAP!

Remember to watermark photo's! We haven't been the best at that, and that is why our photo's were stolen. But from now on, watermarks are on every photo, if they belong to us, of course!

Safe Siamese Kisses from Mikko!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why does my cat blink at me slowly?

Hi everyfur!!
Has your cat ever looked at you and slowly blinked? Are you unsure why?
It is because he/she loves you! Cats have many different ways of showing affection, even ones that some people may not notice at first, including me!

Check out this video uploaded by ASPCA. I think it is pawsitively adorable!

What did you think of it? I love how the people are pretending to be cats :)

Kitty kisses are your cats way of showing that he loves you and trusts you. Mimicking this to your cat will tell him that you love him and trust him.

Here are some ways your cat will show affection to you:

Even if your cat is not the cuddle-y type, he/she may just sit or lay near you. That is his way of saying he loves you, even though he doesn't want to cuddle. Mikko is in between those two. Sometimes he wont leave me alone because he wants to cuddle, other times he will just sit beside me when I am on the computer, on my tablet or watching TV.

                                                                                                                                                                   Another way is your cat might lick you. When they are kittens (as pretty much any other animal), they are groomed by their mother when they are very first born. Grooming you is their way of showing you their love, care and affection.

Your cat will most likely head butt you or rub against you. Every cat I have personally had in my home has done that to me. That is your cats way of "claiming you" as their own by rubbing their scent on you. It is very important to let your cat rub on you if you want to build a strong relationship.

Maybe you have been nipped at on the nose, cheek or finger by your kitty and you don't know why. The reason may be that he is giving you a love-bite. Sometimes a way of your kitty showing affection is nipping at you. Kitties nip at each other to show affection. Their skin is tougher than ours, so your kitty doesn't understand that his love bite may hurt you. But if you were me, I wouldn't give your kitty trouble for love biting you. I think it tickles ;)

Your kitty might rub her gums against you. Usually her upper gums. This is just another way of marking you as her own, not unlike the head butting and the rubbing against you.

Here is one of the most well known way of your cat showing affection to you. I think you guessed it, Purring.

That strange vibrating sound coming from your kitties throat is called purring, even though I assume everyone might know that :)
Newborn kittens cant see, so they are guided to their mother by their purr. Purring shows that your cat is content. Purring also lowers her heart rate, so she may purr to soothe herself.

This has been a long post, but there is three more I want to share.
Your kitty may have brought you a "gift". If your cat goes outside and brings you something dead, that shows that she feels safe and secure in your home.

I saw Mikko rolling around on my bed one day. I didn't know why he was doing that, so I went over and I pet him and we cuddled. I searched up why my cat was rolling around on my bed. It is because he was trying to get my attention so I would pet him and give him attention.

The final one is that your kitty might sleep on your lap. A cat is very vulnerable while sleeping, so they are careful of where they choose to snooze. If your cats favorite spot is on your lap, or if it is there once and a while, consider yourself a owner filled with love, trust and affection, and your kitty thinks so too.

That is my post on affection and thank you for reading all of this information. I hope everyone learned something today!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Siamese Saturday

Hey everyone! Today I want to share something I think is
I did a little photo editing and this is what it came out as: 

What do you think? I took an original quote by someone Unknown, and added a little to it.
Anyways, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! This has to be one of my FAV holidays!
All the love, and loveness! MOL!
I found this ADORABLE picture on the internet. I thought it was so cute and I just HAD to share it with my readers!

Credit to

And it was just perfect for Valentines day.

Mikko and I had some special snuggle time together today, and I also gave him his favorite- Tuna! He absolutely LOVES tuna! But I only gave him a very small proportion of it, because tuna is not good for your cat in larger amounts. Also, some cats are allergic to fish and can be fatal if the allergy is severe enough.


What did you and your cat, dog, bird, lizard, rabbit...(well you get the point), do this Valentines day?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mystery Monday with Mikko the Siamese

Hiya everyone!
Something is up with Mikko...usually he is out and about the house, but lately he has been secretive, and that is weird for my talkative Siamese...


SHHHH mom, I am under cover so I can get treats! ....uh oh. Ummm, I love you soooo much mommy and I want to snuggle! heh...

Oh no Mikko, you are in BIG trouble.

Aww, who could stay mad at you?! ME! No treats for three days.


Save it for the court room, Mysterious Mikko.

So, Judge Maya the pug, how many days is Mikko sentenced to volunteer at our local animal shelter, working specifically at the dog section?

I say, 7 days. Starting now. Good luck Mikko, *snickers*.

Kisses for Mikko and mom 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


SO we haven't posted since EVER!!!! SO SO SO sorry. Incredibly sorry, you cant even understand. Mikko's sorry, I am sorry.......
BUT don't worry, we wont be away for this length of time again. don't worry:

From now on, we are back!!! If we are away for a few weeks, it is because either:

  • I am sick
  • I am travelling and don't have internet access 
  • Something happens to me (ie: injury, serious sickness etc)
Other than that, blog first, extras later!! 

Kisses from Mikko and mom