About Me ❀

Hiya! Are you here to learn more about me? Great! 

So, I will number some obvious things:

  1. I am a female 
  2. I have a Siamese cat
  3. I love reading
  4. I love traveling

And some things that aren't so obvious:

  1. I have allergies
  2. I have a love for huskies
  3. I make jewelry
  4. I used to carve wood into shapes (people, trees etc) 
Yes, I make jewelry and carved wood. I don't think I am good at it, but all my friends and family say I am. I always tell them that they are just being nice, but they deny it. *Sigh* I see it coming every time.

Anyway, thats about the stone skinny of it...Not a lot of info on me but I think its enough Lol.

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