Meet Mikko❀

Hello everyone! This page is all about Mikko!

My kitty Mikko is a (As you readers probably know) a Male Siamese cat. His coloring is called Seal-Point.
I love him very much, and he loves me too.

I love you Mikko!

4 Things about Mikko I absolutely adore:

  1. He is Siamese, my favorite breed
  2. His eyes, they are so blue
  3. His posture, He is so neat sometimes
  4. And lastly, I adore his little purr-meow. I absolutely LOVE that!!!

More things about Mikko you might want to know if you encounter him:
  1. He can be temperamental. Watch your hands, fingers, legs and feet. Those are his main scratching places.
  2. Don't pet him right away. Let him sniff you, then he will walk away or back away his head or...***Beware*** He may Hiss...

My Mikko is very cuddle-y to me. I love him! He is the best cat for me, he doesn't shed a lot, so that is good, because of my allergies to animals. 

Thats more about Mikko! Thanks for reading!

Purrz frum me, Mikko!!!


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