Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gettin' old

Hiya everyone! Today, Mikko and Jax are very sad. We went over to Sparkle the designer cat's blog today, and I checked out the cat age calculator thing at the bottom, and Mikko and Jax were NOT happy with their results.
Here is what they got:

They aren't THAT old, they are only 4 and 6. But I HAD to go and check out the calculator and start a huge argument between what they would look like if they were humans.

Mikko: I would look better, you know.

Jax: No you wouldn't. I would be so happy and not old and stinky, unlike you.

Mikko: ACTUALLY, for your information, Siamese cats are almost odorless, and they rarely need a bath, if they would even let the human get them into the bathtub, that is. 

Jax: DON'T CARE!!!

Mikko: This is what you would look like:

And this is what I would look like:

Look at me, all nice and cheery. And you, grouchy and all shaking your fists and yelling "GET OFF MY LAWN YOU WHIPPERSNAPPERS!" *Snickers* 

You know, Mikko, you are sort of right. Sorry Jax.
Anyways, if you want to check out that calculator, visit Sparkle's blog today!

Do your kitties think they are getting old? How old are they?
Dogs welcome too!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hi everyone! Today we are going to share with you something pawsome!

Can you guess what is is?

Take your best guess at what the post is about today!

  1. This post is about:

  2. Mikko and Jax
    New theme

How do you think you did?

There is a hint somewhere in there.

Anyways...If you didn't want to guess, thats fine.
The correct answer is...


So..what is Rover?
Rover is a pawsome website where you can find dog sitters, and even become a dog sitter!
Recently I have posted about PicMonky, a pawsome photo editor that has added some pawsome new features for Halloween!(Check out the post by clicking here).
From doing that post, PicMonkey has given me a free month of Royale and a Rover coupon.
She emailed me and asked if I would like to share it with my readers, and I said, "Well sure! I have quite a few dog-owners who read my blog, so I would love to share it with them!"
The promo code is: HappinessSiamese20
How do I enter the code?
To enter the code, you must be signed up for Rover.
When you are signed up or logged in, go to your Inbox, then open your Conversation page.
Click "Add a promo code" link
Enter the promo code ( HappinessSiamese20 ) and click "Redeem"
If you need more information or this is not understandable, click here.

Thanks for reading about Rover on this fabulous day!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ghoulish photo editor

Hi everyone! My computer was having problems, but that isn't impawtent right now.

Today we are here to talk about

PicMonkey is a pawsome photo editor! There is a whole bunch of fonts, overlays, collages, textures and more!
There is also an extra special feature on PicMonkey called Royale user. You can have access to even more fonts, textures, overlays, and even more collage options! For a monthly plan, its just $4.99! And for the yearly plan, its just $33 per year! To Learn More, Click Here.

For Halloween, PicMonkey has brought in some new ghoulish features!
Some of the features under the ZOMBIE category is listed below. (Royale features in gold.)


  1. Zombulate
  2. Zombie Bruse
  3. Gashes
  4. Blood drops
  5. Blood spill
  6. Blood splatters 
  7. Veins
  8. Corpse eyes
  9. Corpse eye color
  10. Tooth decay

  1. Zombie Virus (Tints Photo Green)
  2. Radiation Decay

  1. Crackle and Ooz


  2. SHLOP
  4. EATER
(Left) I have a photo of the kitties all ghoulified.

On Jax's side I have Zombulate, Blood Splatter, and Blood Drops.
On Mikko's side I have Corpse Eye Color, Blood Spill and Blood Splatter.

Anyways, PicMonkey has partnered up with Rover, to deliver the most adorable ghoulish contest of the Halloween season. #FrankenPet!

How it Works
(Optional) Dress your pet up in a fab costume. Then jazz the photo up with the PicMonkey Halloween features!
Then, when you complete the photo, share it. Make sure to include #FrankenPet in your post, or the photo cant be entered. You must share the photo by 11:59p.m on Halloween, or it is too late.
Share on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Flickr.
The winners will be announced on November 5th, 2014.
Who Wins?
There will be 3 winners. One for each category: Creepy Canines, Scaredy Cats, and Other Beasts. (Birds, lizards, monkeys, etc..) You must scare them, delight them, or make them say  aww! 

The photo's will be judged by an independent panel of photographers and pet owners, based on the following criteria:

  • 40% creativity 
  • 30% used of PicMonkey effects
  • 20% embodiment of contest theme
  • 10% photo quality
The Grand Prize winner will receive one whole year free of PicMonkey Royale feature, plus one of the following depending on the category:

  • Creepy Canines: GoPro Hero 3 with Fetch Harness
  • Scaredy Cats: GoPro Hero3 with a 3-way mount
  • Other Beasts: GoPro Hero3 with a 3-way mount
Runners-up will win a year of PicMonkey Royale and a $25 giftcard to Petco. 

Legal stuff:

Contest Submission Agreement: By submitting to the #FrankenPet contest, you give PicMonkey and Rover permission to reuse your photos in future branded content and promotions. Neither Rover nor PicMonkey employees are eligible to win. Everyone is welcome to participate, but due to legal mumbo jumbo, prize eligibility is limited to the United States.
*If you’re posting to Facebook, your privacy settings will affect whether or not we can find your image. If your profile is set so only your friends can see your photos, they definitely won’t be able to find it. So you can either post your photo directly to their Facebook page, choose one of the other social media options to share your photo, or change your privacy settings for the duration of the contest (if you’re so inclined).

Hope you decide to enter! 
Thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy (Belated) Birthday Jax!

OMC OMC OMC! Today my Jaxson turns 6! SIX WHOLE YEARS!
This post is a little belated, because I had a post all nice and scheduled for October 1st, his birthday, and guess what? It didn't save properly, it all deleted, and here I am thinking it was all posted! MOL! Silly me!
Anyways, Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jaxson, happy birthday to you! :)

Jax: Thanks so much fur reading about my furday! 

Mm...Birthday Jax.

Right :) I knew that. I was just testing you. Anyways, Mom said that she will post some party pics, as soon as she remembers to put them on the computer...and when she finds the camera...she is always losing things MOL! 

Yes, okay Jax. I get it, I lose things. Whatevs.
But, yes, I will find it soon and post the pics.

We also had our good pals over at Love is being owned by a husky make Jax a wonderful birthday card! Thanks guys!

Thanks for coming by everyfur!