Monday, March 31, 2014

Just another lazy day with Mikko and Mom!

Hey everyone and welcome to Just another lazy day with Mikko and Mom!

Today we are just going to slap around some photo's of Mikko!

This is my favorite photo of Mikko. I love the flash in his eyes, and he is the most perfect position for a photo!

This is the photo we used for one of our Black and White Sunday

❀Mikko'z Monday #6❀!

Heys everyfur! Its Mikko'z Monday!!!

 Now, yesterday'z post said that if you guessed correctly, your pet(s) would be featured in today'z post. Nobody guessed correctly, so we will be using SlimDoggy's blog, because they were the first people to comment. Thankz for playing everyfur! Their pets are Jack and Maggie.

So, here are our featured dogs!

The picture is a bit blurry because we made it big, but if we didn't the pic would be tiny.

This is Jack, our mastermind of the story!

And this is Maggie, our super spy of the story!


Mamma, take it away!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Black and White Sunday!!

Hey everyone! Welcome to this weeks B&W Sunday blog hop!

Today we have a photo of each of the cats for you!

My boy Mikko!

And my boy Jax!

I hope you all have a pawsome day!!!

And great news, we have gotten Pinterest, so now you guys can follow us there too!!

Thanks for reading!

Siamese Smothers and Tuxie Tickles!


And we are going to have a little contest! 
Here is how it works:
Tomorrow we will be doing Mikko'z Monday! If you can guess what we will be doing, then you will be featured in the post! 
First person to guess, gets their pet(s) featured!
Your choices to guess from are: Comic Post, Siamese fun fact or How to care for your Siamese. 
Good luck!

****Contest over. Since nobody guessed correctly, we are using the first comment-er for our Post. Thanks.****

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Moments to share

These are some moments we will never forget!

Jax leaning into Mikko, trying to sniff him I would suspect. Jax is warming up to his new home!

Mikko and Jax meet for the first time, a moment never be forgotten.

And this is the first time Jax came out to sniff around. Another moment never be forgotten.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

♥ The Litter Locker! ♥

Hey there everyone!
This post is a sort of my own type of product review.
So, lets get on with it.
The Litter Locker (A.k.a LL) makes cleaning your litter box easier! The LL even comes with a litter scoop!

The Litter Locker

 And then

The Scoop

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meet da boss!

Jax: OMC...Peeps, ya gotta helps me! This maniac cat, whom my new ownerz call "Mikko", keepz tryin to get at me! 

Me: Ahem. Jax-Henri. He is trying to play with you, but you keep hissing and hiding under my bed, where I cannot get a decent photo of you for my header or your quote OR our blog badge! 

Jax: Oh...wight...

OH YES! We got another kitty! From his original home his name was Henri, but I have always loved the name Jax, so I figured if I started calling him Jax-Henri, I can soon drop the Henri and he will know his name as Jax. 
Mikko sniffing Jax's cat carrier

Of course, Mikko will always be the king of the house, so Jax can be the next level down from king, which would be, I guess, da boss!
Anyway, I guess you wanna hear from Jax-Henri, what he has to say? Here he is!

Jax: No.

Mikko: OMC JAX-HENRI! Juzt talk or I willz!

Jax: *Hiss*

Mikko: *Rollz eyez*

Jax: Fine, ill talks. Wrelax.  Hi peeps. Wazzup? Um...yea....ish? Whatevers, im donez.

*Sigh*. It will take some time for them to get along, poor Mikko just wants to play with him, after all, it was his house first, and now there is this strange cat in here who has no intention of coming out from under my bed.




Uh oh. Well see ya later guys, I have something to attend to.

Thanks for reading!

And for more detail about Jax, visit the 
"Meet Jax" Tab!

P.S: Speedy and Rachel at are running a campaign and we are trying to help spread the word, and you can do the same!
Take a minute to check out their cause and see if you can help. See the post here:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sepia Saturday!!!

Hey everyone! Today is Sepia Saturday!!
This hop is hosted by our doggy pal Ruckus the eskie

So, for Sepia Saturday today we have a photo of Mikko for you. 

Also, we are going to start putting our watermark on all of our photo's because more photos of pets, people etc are being stolen without mention of the owner. So we strongly recommend for everyone to start putting watermarks on your photos.

Today we had snow! I thought it was spring, mother nature! MOL! 

Anyway, it has warmed up a bit, and on Thursday, according to the weather we are supposed to get some rain! So I guess spring is starting to bloom!

I hope you all have a good day!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Purple Parade!!!

Hey everyone! Today is the Pet Parade, and I bet your wondering why the title is "Purple Parade". Well, read on and find out! 
The Pet Parade is hosted by our pals Rascal and Rocco, and co-hosted by 2 pawsome blogs, Jan's Funny Farm and Basil the Bionic Cat!

We have some news. You probably will notice when you go to read this post. Our blog style has changed! What do you think about it? Would you rather our blue style? We want to hear your thoughts! We also made another header to match the background and writing. Tell us whatcha think!

Can you all read the words okay? Because I don't want to have a header with words you cant read. 

So onto the parading. 
Mikko is content anywhere. He will lay ANYWHERE!!!!!!! On the table, where I have to shoo him off of, on a wooden chair. Anywhere, I tell ya!
But under the circumstances today, he has chosen to lay in the laundry basket and make all the nice clean clothes hairy. MOL!
Have a look.
"If I don't look at you, your not there." Aw come on Mikko, don't be like that.
 Yea. Sometimes Mikko can be....Well...SO Siamese! 
Thats all for the Purple Parade today! Have a pawsome day everyone!

Oh and by the way everyone, we got home safely and we had a good time!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


OMC! Spring has sprung everyone! We hope you all have a great Spring day! Good thing we arrived home the first day of Spring! Hardly any cold left for us! 
Spring has Sprung!

Hey everyone, today is TT, a great hop hosted by Ruckus the eskie and Love is being owned by a husky!
Ok so I promised a how-to Tagxedo on the 18th, so Ill keep my word!

First you need to go to the website Tagxedo (  
Then, there are 4 options in orange. Create, Shop, Learn, and Gallery. You can go to any one, but for this how-to, go to Create. 
Now you are in the Create section. There will be an example there already. So, to make your text, go to "Load . . .". Then write your words/text/speech . Don't put anything for webpage, just write whatever in the "Enter text" section. (The big box).Also do not put comma's there, because they wont show. and if you want a sentence, you will have to mush it all together. Like for example: Thisisanexample
Because if you space it, the words will be all jumbled. Also, when you click Submit after you write your text, it takes a second to load, so don't click it over and over. Doing so will just make the process longer.
Now onto the theme part. On the side of your Tagxedo so far, there will be text saying "Theme". Then beside that a flip icon to flip through the themes, so feel free to do it that way. There will be an arrow icon, click the arrow and there will be some themes. You can scroll through them until you see a color you like. Click that color box and then it will turn your Tagxedo that theme. 
Also, there is color above Theme, to change around the letters colors if that makes any sense. 
For the example Tagxedo I will have my theme one of the Bejeweled Bird Wings.

Now to spunk up your text.  
Under Theme there will be  "Font". Click the arrow there or flip through the fonts until you find the font you want. Remember, don't click it over and over again, it takes a second to load itself up. 
For the example I chose the font called AVRIL LAVIGNE. 

So now you can change the shape. 
Under "Orientation, Layout and All", there is Shape. Click the arrow and pick your shape. You can also make your own text, but that sometimes makes your screen do a freeze sort of thing, and then you have to restart your Tagxedo. But if you get lucky and the Shape works for you, don't make a big word.  Words that would fit are like "Love, Hope, Joy, Dog, Cat." Small words like that. 
I chose the cat shape for Mikko. You can choose anything you want. 

After you have your Tagexdo ready to save, there is also a section where you can save your Tagxedo to the Gallery. So to do this, when you click "Save|Share...", click "Web" and then your name and maybe your pet's name too, Title your Tagxedo and then enter a comment maybe about your tag or a comment about the website, etc, your ready! Click Submit and there you go.
BUT WAIT...there's more. To save your Tagxedo to your computer, you go to the Image tab. Now there is a whole bunch of hooey 
there. I click the first one, (125KP JPG) so it saves as a commonly used JPG file, and takes less space in your computer. Have fun with Tagxedo!

That is how to use Tagxedo!

Thanks for reading!

*I was not compensated by Tagxedo for this how to, I found this site and wanted to share it with my readers of my own free will.*

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

*Ahem* Drum roll please....

Hey guys! Today is Just another lazy day with Mikko and mom! Today we are going to post about something special! Not very lazy, but today is a busy day....On my way home, I will be back at about 3-19-14, and guess what! I am suffering!! Its snowy and cold ! Well, I had a good time anyway!

*Ahem* Here ye Here ye! Pawsome news, Pawsome news!

Yep! Pawsome news alright! We have just received a special award from...*Drum roll pls* Love is being owned by a husky!!!
Thanks so much guys!!! Your PAWSOME! 
The award we received is called the Sunshine Award! 

NO! You didn't think, that this special award came without rules?!? Phew, thank goodness! Because there are...MOL! These rules are from Speedy the cheeky house bunny:

  • Thank the person who gave the award to you
  • Name 10 things about yourself. Well, I pretty much said it all in the "About me" page, but I'll post it here too!
  • Award 10 other bloggers the Sunshine award
And from M.K Clinton at Barking from the Bayou 
  •  Smile and pass it on!
OK! So, 10 things about me! :

  1. I am a female 
  2. I have a Siamese cat
  3. I love reading
  4. I love traveling
  5. I have allergies
  6. I have a love for huskies
  7. I make jewelry
  8. used to carve wood into shapes (people, trees etc) 
  9. I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan
  10. I have an obsession for plants LOL
And my nominees are:

  • Mit Hundeliv. I love reading about Laika the dog, her adventures and I love seeing her hilarious drawings! Inspirational
  • The Traveling Cats. I love seeing cats all over the world, and their blog is so interesting!Inspirational
  • And next is a blog we newly followed, Madi and Mom! We absolutely love their tales, or should we say tails! hahahah! Their blog is very cool, they participate in a lot of things, and they are very...hmm..Whats the word? Ah yes, they are Inspirational as all of my blogger buddies are! 
  • Rascal and Rocco. I love reading about the mischievous pair of kitties, they are always getting into trouble! They host the pet parade blog hop and I absolutely love that hop, a great chance to show of your pets good looks!Inspirational
  • Brown dog cbr. I am nominating HawkeyeBrowndog aka Hawk, because you can always look forward to a mischief on Monday with this blog, Hawk is a big Chessie Catastrophe when it comes to Mischief Monday! Inspirational
  • Ruckus The Eskie. I am nominating Ruckus because I love his blog so much! Ruckus always finds time to comment on my blog, and he also hosts along with Owned by a husky on thoughtless Thursday, and that is such a great hop! Inspirational
  • My Mini Pet Pig. I absolutely am in love with the mini pig Coccolino! Their blog is so amazing! Inspirational even! I see this word a lot in posts! 
  • 2BrownDogsBlog. I love the dawg blog because I love reading about the dawgs training, and what the dawgs do, some tips every now and then from them, and I absolutely love reading about that!!! Inspirational
  •  Basil The Bionic Cat. Basil's Blog is PAWSOME!!!  We love reading the Smooch Report muchly. Its our favorite post! Inspirational Be sure to check it out!
  • Jans Funny Farm. We are nominating Jan and her furmily because we love the conversations they post, and her blog is magnificent! Inspirational! 
Those are our 10 nominees! Be sure to check out all of their blogs! They are Inspirational! MOL!   
Anyway, daily readers that may not have received an award, we hope you know that we appreciate you all, and you do NOT need a sunshine award to say it!  
Also, we chose to do both of the set of rules listed, but the nominees may choose whichever set of rules they may like.  
Have a pawsome day! 

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just another lazy day with Mikko and Mom

Happy St.Patrick's Day my bloggin pals!

Hey everyone. Instead of Mikko'z Monday we are going to do a different post. "Just another lazy day with Mikko and Mom".
So I bet your wondering, What the heck is this about? Well, we are taking a lazy day, thats what! 

Ahh, just another lazy day!

Hey, we could make a song outta that, for a commercial! 

Just another, just another lazy day with...Mikko & Mom!! Just another lazy day, sleepin in, keepin' calmmmmmm.....Cuz its just another lazy day with mom...!!! Don't have to tell me twice...Ill flop down on that bed!! Cuz its...Just another, just another lazy day with....Mikko & Mom! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
*Jazz Hands*

Phew...! BTW...I don't know what is going on with my fonts, I copy and pasted a music note from a website..So I guess it made my font go weird.
****The credit to the wonderful music note goes to***
Anyway, Short post because..Um well I suppose we said it enough times..But I guess once more wont do any harm! Because....♪Its just another lazy daaaaay!!!!
So have a great Monday everyone!

AND! PS: We have made a Tagxedo design! My pals from Love is being owned by a husky showed me this site and I had to make one of my own. I hope you like it!

Some of the words are really small, but you can see the majority of the words. I picked a font I thought everyone could read plus a cool one, so I hope you can all see it okay. 


On Thursday we will try to fit in some time to make a how-to for you all. 
Check it out here:
Its a really neat site!! Be sure to find time to check it out, you wont regret your visit!

Not much of a lazy lookin' post, but I did have a kick-back day today! MOL!
Lazy Mikko!

Have a Pawsome week everybody!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

♥Mikko'z Monday... #5!♥

Hey there everyfur!! So I guess thiz iz more like Mikko'z Tuesday, sorry for lateness! 
Usually we do Siamese factz, but this iz a special onez!

Today for Mikko'z Monday....OK LETS GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT....I have something to share with the world...I..I iz..I iz a SUPERKITTY! And last night, I went on a dangerous mission.....wanna here 'bout it? Good! I'll get mum to tell it for youz!

Hey everyone...*Ahem* Okay. So it was a dark, stormy night. Mikko the precious Siamese was fast asleep when his mamma woke him. He was sleeping in his cape again. He stretched out and yawned.

I iz up!
Mikko said, "Whats iz the probs ma?" His mama said to him, "You are sleeping in your cape again-" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
Super Mikko looked around. "What iz thats noise!!!??" SM's Mamma's chest rose and fell quickly. "SM!!!! HELP!!!"
Screamed a female kitty. SM acted fast. He used his super hearing to quickly find where the female kitty was.

(I wrote Ear there because I cropped out Mikko's ear and made it cartoon, and it didn't look like an ear to me. Also a sound symbol there to indicate he is listening.) I IZ LISTENING!!!!

When SM finally indicated where the cry for help was coming from, he sprung into action. He dashed out the door and ran. SM's mamma watched him do what he does best, saving kitties, doggies, birdies, bunnies, piggies, etc all around Canada. After SM was gone, all that was left was faint paw tracks, going down the road.

Now we will check in on SM! Now, his mamma knows nothing of whats going on. So, we are going to hand it over to SM here, while mamma waits at home wondering if she will ever see her beloved super kitty again.

SO. Az Mamma left off: She iz still wondering if I ever will come home. But....I have a mission. Az I pad down 2nd Ave. I hear a hiss. I turn...And see my worst enemy of all time...The Hissing Hypno-Cat! He seems harmless....A harmless black cat....

Until he hisses....He iz all like "AHAHAHAHHISSSS!!!" And hiz eyez go all red and bulge-y like...

So I, az brave az ever, padded past him. For he waz blind. He sensed you, but not if you were as precise as a Siamese!

So I continued on. Battled a 2-tailed long-faced demon kitty....(No pics for the rest..). . . . Took out a evil mouse...Pawed at a bug, and continued down the rocky road. I waz gone for hourz. I waz thinkin, Maybe the cry waz in my head? But it couldn't..Mamma heard it too...then...All the sudden....BANG! CRASH! BOOM,,CHUGGACHUGGA!!!  A train crash. I waz thinkin. And it waz. Phew I thought. Then, before my very eyez, I saw the most beautiful Siamese kitty I have ever seen. Her eyes, so beautiful. Her fur, her everything was so...PURRFECT! 
She had a gorgeous diamond collar too. (Cannot make this pic cartoon, she is to beautiful and it would wreck her appearance)

"Whats the problem babeh?" I said bravely. She blinked, smiled and said, "I needed a hansom cat like you, SM, to save me. I screamed because I was being attacked by a furious 2-tailed demon kitty. But it wasn't hurting me. I was terrified though. It ran off, over in the woods the way you came." That was the one I battled! I thought. I told her the story. Then I said, "You busy?" She replied, "SM! Wow...I never thought a superkitty would ask me if I was busy....Oh uh no...I'm not busy" I waz grinning. "You can call me Mikko.  Anyway..Why don't you come home with me?"  She blushed. Jackpot! I thought. "Of course S..Mikko. Introduce me to your mamma!" 
So, we walked home together, and she told me her life story, and her name turned out to be Diamond! How fitting!
The End.... SM and his new girlfur lived happily, ever after, and he continued to fight battles, to save kitties, dogs, piggies, birdies etc all around the world, like he was born to do.

Mikko and Diamond, Mikko's arms around her.

So how did you all like it? Danger mixed with a little romance. I think its very good. I spend a lot of time working on it, so I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

B&W Sunday!!!

Hiya everyone! This is Black and white Sunday!
This is a hop, hosted by Dachshund Nola And Sugar the Golden Retriever.

Today for Bnw Sunday we are just going to do a nice short post. We have one pic of Mikko for ya, BNW style, but we highlighted his beautiful blue eyes!

Hope you enjoyed!

Umm Mum...I thought you were going to stop posting picz of me being cute and looking at the camera..?

Sorry bud, but your just so darn CUTE!!!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sepia Saturday!!!

OMC!!! You all have our deepest apologies! We have not posted in so long. But we are back!

So....This is Sepia Saturday with our good pal Ruckus the Eskie. 

As you all know I am in Florida, and we have taken some pics in our earlier post..So we made them Sepia, only two, but I think the palm trees look beautiful in Sepia, and that dolphin pic looks amazing. I cropped out the dolphin so you could see it better, because I was standing on a dock while I took the picture and the boat was a-ways out.

The palm trees now

Beautiful, isn't it? What do you think about palm trees and dolphins? I love them, if you ask 

So, its a short post, BUT, we have some pawsome news. We have received an award from Love is being owned by a husky! It is the Field of flowers award. Thank you so much guys! As the rules go, I have to thank the blogger who gave me the award. I have done that by contacting her using her contact form. Now display the award on your  blog. Next you have to nominate 7 other blogs and tell them about the award. 

My seven nominees are:

  1. Playful Kitty. I am nominating Playful Kitty because I love her blog and I love her Niptoon Noir post(s), and I absolutely LOVE Mana's songs.
  2. Stunning Keisha. I am nominating Stunning Keisha because, well she is STUNNING indeed, her blog is funny, and I love it.
  3. Hawk Eye Brown Dog. I am nominating Hawk because I love Chessie's, and his blog posts about dogs up for adoption and their contact information etc and I think that is so sweet.
  4. Rascal and Rocco. I am nominating Rascal & Rocco because I was/am looking for lots of kitty blogs to follow and nominate for things, and Rascal&Rocco are purrfect. They host the Pet Parade.
  5. My Mini Pet Pig. I am nominating them because when I comment on their blog, they always return the favor. And Coco the mini pig is adorable! 
  6. 2BrownDawgs. I am nominating them because I love reading about the dawgs training. And they are always very busy but they always find some time to comment on my blog.
  7. And lastly, The Traveling Cats. I love the Traveling Cats because I love seeing cats from around the world. And they always comment on my blog if I comment on theirs.
So those are my nominees! I will contact them all to let them know. 

Thanks for reading!  

P.S We had a poll going on about a Siamese true or false question. If your answer was False...You were incorrect. Sorry! If your answer was True, congrats! You are correct!