Monday, March 31, 2014

❀Mikko'z Monday #6❀!

Heys everyfur! Its Mikko'z Monday!!!

 Now, yesterday'z post said that if you guessed correctly, your pet(s) would be featured in today'z post. Nobody guessed correctly, so we will be using SlimDoggy's blog, because they were the first people to comment. Thankz for playing everyfur! Their pets are Jack and Maggie.

So, here are our featured dogs!

The picture is a bit blurry because we made it big, but if we didn't the pic would be tiny.

This is Jack, our mastermind of the story!

And this is Maggie, our super spy of the story!


Mamma, take it away!

*Ahem* Alright!
After SM's (Super Mikko) last mission, he found himself a beautiful girlfur. But, that girlfur (Diamond), was captured by the evil mastermind Jack
So SM must prepare for the biggest mission yet. He must travel to the evil realms to find Jack.  To get to the evil realms, he must go through the wretched forest of Gloom, that has 2 pathways. 

Which pathway should SM take? 
Super Mikko uses his super kitty hearing to find Diamond's cry for help.

It is hard to tell but that is Mikko's ear MOL
SM hears Diamond on the left path. He pads slowly down the path. Then....he comes across the the Hissing Hypno-Cat!!!
What's this? The Hissing Hypno-Cat has his sight back! 
"Ahhh.... You, SM? Well..this time you will be defeated! The mastermind Jack gave me a potion, and I can see now! Not even your precious little precise movements can save you now super Mikko!!!! MWAHAHAHA! HISSSSS!"
Uh oh SM thought. But then he looked up and saw a monkey hanging from a vine, holding his hand out!
SM gladly took the Chimp's hand. "Not today, Hissing Hypno-Cat!!" "NOOOOOOOO!" With that, the Chimp swung from tree to tree with SM, and then finally Super Mikko broke the silence other than the rustle of the trees in the wind. 
"Thank you for saving me" SM said.
"Your welcome, SM"
 Finally SM and the Chimp came out from the forest of Gloom and stopped at a passage entrance.
"That's as far as I go, SM. Good luck, and may the luck be on your side for your battle with Jack" "Thank you." SM said, and with that, the Chimp nodded and watched SM go through the passage.

Now, we haven't heard from the evil mastermind yet, have we? Nobody knows this Masterminds plan. So, lets have him tell it to you!
"My plan is to make an army of evil Super Mikko's, but to do that, I have to be patient. I will make duplicates of myself and Diamond, so when SM comes to save her, he will be expecting a big battle with me. So, he will battle the duplicate of me (which will be very weak), and take home the duplicate of his precious Diamond. Then, the Diamond duplicate will spy on SM for me, get fur from him, and then bring it to me. Then I shall rule the world with my army of evil SM's!!!! Hahahah!"

Uh oh...


"Let me out of this cage right now Jack!!!"
"Ha! Now why would I do that?"
Diamond didn't know what to say to this. 
She thought quickly, then an idea popped into her head.
"Because if you don't, Super Mikko will come here and kick your behind!!" Jack just laughed. 
Then the door to the labyrinth burst open and the Hissing Hypno-Cat came in, breathing hard. He said,
"SM is coming! I tried to stop him, but he got away!"
"WHAT! You nitwit! You are an embarrassment to me! Don't show your face again!" Jack was furious.
Diamond was appalled.  She has never seen the Hissing Hypno-Cat so scared before. The last time she saw him, he was blind, and angry, out of control. But now, he was shrinking away from Jack, and he looked terrified. 
HHC (Hissing Hypno-Cat) scampered away. 
Then ... turned to Diamond and said in a booming voice, 
"I would tell you my plan, but...I uh..."
Diamond just stared. She was terrified, all she wanted was to be in the arms of Super Mikko again. What if SM couldn't save her, What is Super Mikko couldn't save the day, and Jack wins? What will happen to her? Diamond was very worried.

Now, what does this mastermind really look like?
Diamond wondered. "What do you look like?" Diamond asked before she could stop herself.  Jack laughed. Then, he lifted his head and she saw the face of....A dog? A harmless looking dog? No..he wasn't harmless. But he wasn't exactly what she had imagined either..And he was...smiling? He must be amused by her curiosity.


Don't miss our next Mikko'z Monday to find out what happens to Mikko, Diamond and other animals found on SM's adventure.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Uh, oh...Boy is Jack going to be in trouble when he gets home from his adventure with Mikko!

  2. That is priceless! I can't wait to see what happens....

  3. haha!!! Great comic!!!!! loved it!!!!
    Jack!!! What are you doing!!!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. We think you selected very handsome pups for the post
    Hugs Madi


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