Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mr. Bald Mouse.

Hello everyone!
Today is a wonderful Saturday, and Mikko wants you all to meet someone. Although, he is a little bit embarrassed, so I will do the talking today.

Meet Mr. Bald Mouse.

This is Mikko's favorite toy. He will not play with any other mouse toy but Mr. Bald mouse. I don't know why. He chewed all of his fur off. There was a little suction cup on the end of it, but he ripped that off too!
I tried to give him this wonderful mouse,
but he refused it! *Sigh* He loves that bald mouse! I don't know why, but he just WONT play with anything but that bald mouse.

This is probably what he sees when he looks at that bald mouse. Why does he love it so much?!

This is probably what the furry mouse looks like to him.

Oh boy. Poor Mikko, afraid of trying new things. I tried a little photo shoot, to see which mouse he would cuddle with.

Take a look:

"I love you Mr. Bald Mouse!"

"NO! Get it away mom!"

Anyways, that's a wrap!
We might join you on Sunday for the Sunday Selfies bloghop! Jax and Mikko have some funny selfies to share with you!

Thanks for stopping by and have a pawsome day!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday fun

Hi everyone!
Today we are joining the kitties for some Friday fun!

How is your week coming to an end?
Anyways, we have a quiz for you today! It wont be hard, since I didn't post much about Siamese cats.
You can take it now, or you can study using our blog archive. (Look for Mikko'z Monday posts).

It is only 5 questions.
Test your knowledge, if you dare.. ;)

Each question is worth 10 points, if not stated otherwise.

How much do you know about Siamese cats?

Test your knowledge!

  1. Siamese cat's eyes can only be blue.

  2. True
    It depends

  3. Siamese cats are ancient breeds

  4. True
    I don't know

  5. Most Siamese cats are clumsy.

  6. True
    All cats are at times

  7. You can train a Siamese cat

  8. True
    You can train any cat

  1. How do you think you did? (Worth no points)

  2. Good
    I don't know :P

Hmm...I wonder how you did!

How many points did you earn? 40 is the maximum score. Good luck!

Thanks for spending this wonderful Friday with us!
We will hopefully see you on Monday, or maybe Tuesday with a surprise!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Bloopers

Hey everyone!
I haven't been blogging lately. My internet has been down. Stupid reception.

we are joining BlogPaws for this Wordless Wednesday. Thanks for hosting such a great hop!

The kitties are doing the cat walk....away from this post. They are kind of embarrassed, because today I am showing some of the bloopers photo's that I took recently.

OK...*Sigh* I wish they would stick around. The posts are never the same without them constantly bickering MOL!
Anyways, here are some of Jax's bloopers.

"Yeahhhh, its going goood maaaaaan"

"Dongnt Taghtke thd pcisht yat!" 
*Sigh* I have yet to figure out what he said there. The only word I got from that was yet.MOL!

Heh...I was trying to get a close up of Jax's face here...but I guess he wanted it even closer MOL!

Okay, now some of Mikko's bloopers.

Yeah...Again with the close-ups. Why do I even try?

Umm..That is basically it. Mikko and his Siamese purrfectness did not have many bloopers, sorry that I can't make you laugh more with Mikko.
Anyways, that is it for today's post. Have a pawsome day!