Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday fun

Hi everyone!
Today we are joining the kitties for some Friday fun!

How is your week coming to an end?
Anyways, we have a quiz for you today! It wont be hard, since I didn't post much about Siamese cats.
You can take it now, or you can study using our blog archive. (Look for Mikko'z Monday posts).

It is only 5 questions.
Test your knowledge, if you dare.. ;)

Each question is worth 10 points, if not stated otherwise.

How much do you know about Siamese cats?

Test your knowledge!

  1. Siamese cat's eyes can only be blue.

  2. True
    It depends

  3. Siamese cats are ancient breeds

  4. True
    I don't know

  5. Most Siamese cats are clumsy.

  6. True
    All cats are at times

  7. You can train a Siamese cat

  8. True
    You can train any cat

  1. How do you think you did? (Worth no points)

  2. Good
    I don't know :P

Hmm...I wonder how you did!

How many points did you earn? 40 is the maximum score. Good luck!

Thanks for spending this wonderful Friday with us!
We will hopefully see you on Monday, or maybe Tuesday with a surprise!


  1. 30 out of 40!
    Hmmm, our meowmy should have gotten 40/40, cause she's only evfur had meezers, MOL!
    We'll furgive her cause she's tired from a long evening at work...


    1. Wow! That's a pawsome score!
      Aw, don't feel bad! Work is hard and very tiring indeed :)

  2. 30 out of 40! Not too bad!!! Fun quiz!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. We didn't know how we did...but we got all of them right. Amazing!

    1. Oh, it was supposed to take you to a page were it said your score.
      Concats though!

  4. Whoa! It said I got #5 wrong but I said I did lousy and I did. MOL! These things are fun.

    1. Oh! I thought I made 5 worth no points. MOL! Well, thanks for playing anyways!

  5. We got 30 points! Not bad!! Thanks for sharing the fun quiz. :)


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