Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mr. Bald Mouse.

Hello everyone!
Today is a wonderful Saturday, and Mikko wants you all to meet someone. Although, he is a little bit embarrassed, so I will do the talking today.

Meet Mr. Bald Mouse.

This is Mikko's favorite toy. He will not play with any other mouse toy but Mr. Bald mouse. I don't know why. He chewed all of his fur off. There was a little suction cup on the end of it, but he ripped that off too!
I tried to give him this wonderful mouse,
but he refused it! *Sigh* He loves that bald mouse! I don't know why, but he just WONT play with anything but that bald mouse.

This is probably what he sees when he looks at that bald mouse. Why does he love it so much?!

This is probably what the furry mouse looks like to him.

Oh boy. Poor Mikko, afraid of trying new things. I tried a little photo shoot, to see which mouse he would cuddle with.

Take a look:

"I love you Mr. Bald Mouse!"

"NO! Get it away mom!"

Anyways, that's a wrap!
We might join you on Sunday for the Sunday Selfies bloghop! Jax and Mikko have some funny selfies to share with you!

Thanks for stopping by and have a pawsome day!


  1. What a funny bald mousie tail!

    Minko has his faves, too, and they are all ripped to shreds, but he still carries them all ovfur!

  2. MOL! Zoey does the same thing...licks all the fur off of the mousie. We did a blog post about it awhile ago.

    1. Oh no! I must have missed it :(
      MOL! It MUST be a cat thing!

  3. We are MOL'ing at this post! Especially at that photo of what Mikko sees when he looks at bald mouse. Cats are so funny about what toys they latch onto.

    1. MOL We are MOL'ing it still today too!
      Hehe, you liked it? I actually spent a few minutes working on it MOL!
      ❀Siamese Smothers and Tuxie Tickles❀ from Mikko and Jax at Happiness is Siamese!


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