Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We're back!

Hey everyone!!! 
We are back...I know, we just posted a "Coming Soon" post yesterday, but we just couldn't wait until tomorrow!
Mikko has certainly been eager to get back! And he is a spotlight hogger! Jax is more of the lay-back-and-chill kinda guy. He also gets confused whether he wants you to pet him or if he wants to do the hiss 'n run. Or hit 'n run, either one. 

The blurred words says*YAAAWWWNN* "Finally! Mum is done taking her sweet time and I can star in the blog again!" "OOPS! I er...I mean we, of course!"


ANYWAY! We are visiting as many blogs as we can tonight (8:38),
before America's Got Talent is on. I love that show! 
So, have a pawtastically glamorous evening!

 *Note our new blog post signature ;)*

Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming soon

Hey everybody!
We will be returning soon!
Days have been busy, and we didn't have time to blog. But we are excited to announce that we will be returning soon!
We will also change the blog look, once we have access to a computer. Ours is broken, and we got a friend to have a look at it.

Luv Mikko, Jax and Mum ♥