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OMC! Spring has sprung everyone! We hope you all have a great Spring day! Good thing we arrived home the first day of Spring! Hardly any cold left for us! 
Spring has Sprung!

Hey everyone, today is TT, a great hop hosted by Ruckus the eskie and Love is being owned by a husky!
Ok so I promised a how-to Tagxedo on the 18th, so Ill keep my word!

First you need to go to the website Tagxedo (  
Then, there are 4 options in orange. Create, Shop, Learn, and Gallery. You can go to any one, but for this how-to, go to Create. 
Now you are in the Create section. There will be an example there already. So, to make your text, go to "Load . . .". Then write your words/text/speech . Don't put anything for webpage, just write whatever in the "Enter text" section. (The big box).Also do not put comma's there, because they wont show. and if you want a sentence, you will have to mush it all together. Like for example: Thisisanexample
Because if you space it, the words will be all jumbled. Also, when you click Submit after you write your text, it takes a second to load, so don't click it over and over. Doing so will just make the process longer.
Now onto the theme part. On the side of your Tagxedo so far, there will be text saying "Theme". Then beside that a flip icon to flip through the themes, so feel free to do it that way. There will be an arrow icon, click the arrow and there will be some themes. You can scroll through them until you see a color you like. Click that color box and then it will turn your Tagxedo that theme. 
Also, there is color above Theme, to change around the letters colors if that makes any sense. 
For the example Tagxedo I will have my theme one of the Bejeweled Bird Wings.

Now to spunk up your text.  
Under Theme there will be  "Font". Click the arrow there or flip through the fonts until you find the font you want. Remember, don't click it over and over again, it takes a second to load itself up. 
For the example I chose the font called AVRIL LAVIGNE. 

So now you can change the shape. 
Under "Orientation, Layout and All", there is Shape. Click the arrow and pick your shape. You can also make your own text, but that sometimes makes your screen do a freeze sort of thing, and then you have to restart your Tagxedo. But if you get lucky and the Shape works for you, don't make a big word.  Words that would fit are like "Love, Hope, Joy, Dog, Cat." Small words like that. 
I chose the cat shape for Mikko. You can choose anything you want. 

After you have your Tagexdo ready to save, there is also a section where you can save your Tagxedo to the Gallery. So to do this, when you click "Save|Share...", click "Web" and then your name and maybe your pet's name too, Title your Tagxedo and then enter a comment maybe about your tag or a comment about the website, etc, your ready! Click Submit and there you go.
BUT WAIT...there's more. To save your Tagxedo to your computer, you go to the Image tab. Now there is a whole bunch of hooey 
there. I click the first one, (125KP JPG) so it saves as a commonly used JPG file, and takes less space in your computer. Have fun with Tagxedo!

That is how to use Tagxedo!

Thanks for reading!

*I was not compensated by Tagxedo for this how to, I found this site and wanted to share it with my readers of my own free will.*


  1. OH that's pretty cool. I never heard of tagxedo. I like the cat shape. Can you change the words so it doesn't say "example"?

    1. Oh and thanks for sharing on Thoughtless Thursday :)

    2. Neither have I until Owned by a husky told us. Us too!
      Oh yea, whatever words you want!
      Your welcome, I thought people would love to read about it!

  2. I love tagxedo! It is such a great site! And super fun!
    You did a great how to! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I agree!
      Aw thanks! And your welcome!
      Have a good weekend as well!

  3. Thanks for the tagxedo lesson We're gonna check it out.

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial!! I tried after you mentioned it the other day and asked Jenna, too! I am going to make another attempt now with your easy peasy instructions! Thanks again!
    Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

    1. Your welcome! I thought it was such a great site I might as well show people how to use it if they don't know! MOL yes, Tagxedo can be very tricky. It took me a few tries!
      Thanks for coming by!


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