Tuesday, March 11, 2014

♥Mikko'z Monday... #5!♥

Hey there everyfur!! So I guess thiz iz more like Mikko'z Tuesday, sorry for lateness! 
Usually we do Siamese factz, but this iz a special onez!

Today for Mikko'z Monday....OK LETS GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT....I have something to share with the world...I..I iz..I iz a SUPERKITTY! And last night, I went on a dangerous mission.....wanna here 'bout it? Good! I'll get mum to tell it for youz!

Hey everyone...*Ahem* Okay. So it was a dark, stormy night. Mikko the precious Siamese was fast asleep when his mamma woke him. He was sleeping in his cape again. He stretched out and yawned.

I iz up!
Mikko said, "Whats iz the probs ma?" His mama said to him, "You are sleeping in your cape again-" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
Super Mikko looked around. "What iz thats noise!!!??" SM's Mamma's chest rose and fell quickly. "SM!!!! HELP!!!"
Screamed a female kitty. SM acted fast. He used his super hearing to quickly find where the female kitty was.

(I wrote Ear there because I cropped out Mikko's ear and made it cartoon, and it didn't look like an ear to me. Also a sound symbol there to indicate he is listening.) I IZ LISTENING!!!!

When SM finally indicated where the cry for help was coming from, he sprung into action. He dashed out the door and ran. SM's mamma watched him do what he does best, saving kitties, doggies, birdies, bunnies, piggies, etc all around Canada. After SM was gone, all that was left was faint paw tracks, going down the road.

Now we will check in on SM! Now, his mamma knows nothing of whats going on. So, we are going to hand it over to SM here, while mamma waits at home wondering if she will ever see her beloved super kitty again.

SO. Az Mamma left off: She iz still wondering if I ever will come home. But....I have a mission. Az I pad down 2nd Ave. I hear a hiss. I turn...And see my worst enemy of all time...The Hissing Hypno-Cat! He seems harmless....A harmless black cat....

Until he hisses....He iz all like "AHAHAHAHHISSSS!!!" And hiz eyez go all red and bulge-y like...

So I, az brave az ever, padded past him. For he waz blind. He sensed you, but not if you were as precise as a Siamese!

So I continued on. Battled a 2-tailed long-faced demon kitty....(No pics for the rest..). . . . Took out a evil mouse...Pawed at a bug, and continued down the rocky road. I waz gone for hourz. I waz thinkin, Maybe the cry waz in my head? But it couldn't..Mamma heard it too...then...All the sudden....BANG! CRASH! BOOM,,CHUGGACHUGGA!!!  A train crash. I waz thinkin. And it waz. Phew I thought. Then, before my very eyez, I saw the most beautiful Siamese kitty I have ever seen. Her eyes, so beautiful. Her fur, her everything was so...PURRFECT! 
She had a gorgeous diamond collar too. (Cannot make this pic cartoon, she is to beautiful and it would wreck her appearance)

"Whats the problem babeh?" I said bravely. She blinked, smiled and said, "I needed a hansom cat like you, SM, to save me. I screamed because I was being attacked by a furious 2-tailed demon kitty. But it wasn't hurting me. I was terrified though. It ran off, over in the woods the way you came." That was the one I battled! I thought. I told her the story. Then I said, "You busy?" She replied, "SM! Wow...I never thought a superkitty would ask me if I was busy....Oh uh no...I'm not busy" I waz grinning. "You can call me Mikko.  Anyway..Why don't you come home with me?"  She blushed. Jackpot! I thought. "Of course S..Mikko. Introduce me to your mamma!" 
So, we walked home together, and she told me her life story, and her name turned out to be Diamond! How fitting!
The End.... SM and his new girlfur lived happily, ever after, and he continued to fight battles, to save kitties, dogs, piggies, birdies etc all around the world, like he was born to do.

Mikko and Diamond, Mikko's arms around her.

So how did you all like it? Danger mixed with a little romance. I think its very good. I spend a lot of time working on it, so I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!


  1. What an exciting story! I was on the edge of my cat bed.

  2. haha! Great story!!!! She sure is boooootiful!!!! haha!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Mikko I had no idea you were a super kitty...well...let me rephrase that all kitties are super but you are extra Super Duper. Bravo
    Hugs Madi

    1. Aww thanks Madi! I couldn't agree more. All kitties around the world are SUPER!
      Thanks for coming by.

  4. Wow that was a great story!! Action and romance...what more could a cat ask for? Well, maybe something to eat. ;)

    1. MOL Oh yea, a cat would eat all day if you let him!


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