Thursday, March 27, 2014

♥ The Litter Locker! ♥

Hey there everyone!
This post is a sort of my own type of product review.
So, lets get on with it.
The Litter Locker (A.k.a LL) makes cleaning your litter box easier! The LL even comes with a litter scoop!

The Litter Locker

 And then

The Scoop

The LL's purposes are:

  1. You don't have to carry a bag with you to your litter box and back
  2. You dont have to hold anything but the scoop
  3. No dirty poop filled bags in your garbage can every day, as the bottom of the locker serves as an (almost) air tight container, where the used litter sits until ready to be dumped.
  4. Simple and easy litter clean
So, to get the bag, underneath the lid is a circular thingy. There is a blue bag in it. Pull it out until you think is good, and tie the end into a knot. Now (read on to see what this is and how to use it)

Now this is what the LL looks like when you open the lid. 

This is also where you dump the kitty poop.

Now, thats not a lot of room, is it? No.
So, there is a grey handle here at the front of the LL.
The grey handle.

There is a little tab there. Put your thumb or finger on in and pull the grey thing out, and the kitty poop will fall into the bag and compartment  underneath. 

Now, as I said above this is the compartment underneath where the used littler will be kept sealed until you are ready to cut and dump.

Jax: Hey mamma, whats this?

Me : Jax you are interrupting my review.

Jax: Oh, sorry.

Mikko: Jax-Henri. Shush! Mum is tryings to do hers review!

Jax: *Rolls Eyes*

Mikko: Hey thatz mys thing!


Jax: Huh?

Mikko: Yea Jax.


Anyway, as I was saying.
 Well, there is this miracle worker who invented flip lids. MOL
You open the lid with the latch. (To get to the "poop" compartment.
The latch
Open it there. Now you see the bag of kitty poop, which we will call "KP." Now there is this thing that has the word CUTTER on it.
 When you open the LL, the cutter looks like this with the bag over it:

This is what it will look like.

Now, move the bag aside so it is in the slit of the cutter, but make sure you don't slide it through right away. 

Pull the bag out a bit to make sure you have enough room to tie it on the top.
Now that you have the bag out and tied, you need a new one. Pull out the blue bag (the same size as before), and tie the bottom. 

There you have it! Litter Locker mission COMPLETED! MOL!
I hope you enjoyed learning about the LL! 

**I was not prompted or compensated in any way to do this review, I did it on my own because I wanted to share the Litter Locker with all the kitty people**


Also, Jax has decided to gather up the courage to come out from under the bed!!! I got a good shot of him, but because of the flash, his eyes are so cool looking!! I couldn't believe it!
My boy Jax 

So now, I have 2 flashed eye shots!
My boy Mikko


  1. Wow I never heard of the litter locker. It looks like a big machine though! Is it? Thanks for sharing with Thoughtless Thursday.

    1. MOL! Well, it is kind of complicated, so maybe it is!
      And your welcome!

  2. Great review! Thanks for sharing and it looks like a super cool product|!!!
    And thanks for linking up with us!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. OMCs that is a high tech pooper scooper!! I can see that it makes the entire process quick and easy.
    We have never seen such.
    Great photos at the end of you and Jax with high beams
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. MOL!
      Well you should get one, it makes it SO MUCH BETTER!

  4. Wow! That is like those baby diaper things that was invented after I didn't need it! What a great idea for disposing of KP! We have a Sunshine Award for you and Mikko as well as Jax on our blog today. Visit Barking from the bayou to grab it! I'm so glad that Jax has decided to venture out from under the bed! Congratulations on your award!

    1. MOL!!!! Too funny!
      Pawsome! We will be sure to drop by!
      And yes, he is very brave suddenly MOL!

  5. Jax is gorgeous, er, handsome. I’d heard of that litter contrapion but never saw it in action. I wouldn’t want to breathe in before I tied the bag. MOL!


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