Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Holidays

Some of you may be wondering where Mikko and I went.... We kind of took early Christmas Holidays.

This calls for some party music!!!

I absolutely loved this video! Paws up :)

Umm....also....we  MAJORLY forgot our blogaversary.....It was December 9th.....I know, horrible!!!
But we had fun with the leftover party supplies ;)

Oh AND tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!!!
What is on your pets list? This is Mikko's list:

I want some catnip, some wet food, some treats,   I want homes for all the homeless cats and kittens all over the world, as well as doggies this Christmas, Santa Claws. Pawlease do your best to find homes for them!!! 
Also, am I on the naughty list? Can I see the list?

Oh no!!! Surprise surprise... Mikko you are on the naughty list!!!
I wonder why.
Maybe my broken plate and mug AND my favorite vase can explain that, hmmm???
Anyways, time to wrap things up. Sorry for the long post!

Happy Holidays!!!


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