Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Watermarking tutorial

In our previous post, we mentioned a photo thief. In the comments, some people asked how to watermark. So,  I will just show those who don't know how to do it.

So first you have your photo:

As you can see, there is nothing written on this photo. Now, to put a watermark on it, you just go into a photo editor. I use PicMonkey.

What you do now, is you write your blog name (Or blog initials) wherever you feel is right for you.

I prefer to have mine sort of blended into the photo.

(I apologize for the quality of this photo MOL!)

Now we need to add a copyright symbol. You can find on on the internet and sometimes right in your photo editor, like mine.

You do not HAVE to put the copyright symbol, but I prefer to.

Anyways, that is how to add a watermark, in case you did not know. :)

Siamese Kisses from Mikko 


  1. Thanks!
    We can't get that type of editor to work with our Mac...so many things are Windows based...

    1. That's okay!
      You can go to a text generator maybe and paste it onto the photo?

    2. Only if she takes the picture and puts it into photoshop...which meowmy cannot use without pulling out the fur on top of her head...so many extra steps...it used to be a lot easier on her old windows machine...Photobucket doesn't play so well anymore, and picassa takes all her images and puts them there, then she can't access them too easily to add them to her blog.
      Meowmy is obviously a tech challenged peep.MOL!
      If she makes kimis she always adds her initials to those, but then again she needs a windows machine to make them anymore, too...oh well, its still good to know:))

    3. Oh okay. I am good with computers. So if you want more help, maybe you can contact me via email? I would love to help you!

  2. Great tutorial. SO important to watermark

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. Watermarking is so super important!

    1. Your furry welcome!
      It is very important, to protect your photo's from thieves like the one we posted about!


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