Monday, April 7, 2014

❀Mikko'z Monday #7! Continued...

Hey everyfur! Thats right, you guessed it! It is Mikko'z Monday, the day you have all been waiting for! 
Thiz iz our new Mikko'z Monday badge! But we wont uze it if no body likez it. So, which ones do youz like better? Our old one (bottom), or our new ones (top)? Honesty is the best policy!


letz do a recap of what happened last Mikko'z Monday!
(quoted straight from last Monday's post)
 Now, yesterday'z post said that if you guessed correctly, your pet(s) would be featured in today'z post. Nobody guessed correctly, so we will be using SlimDoggy's blog, because they were the first people to comment. Thankz for playing everyfur! Their pets are Jack and Maggie.

So, here are our featured dogs!

This is Jack, our mastermind of the story!

Maggie, the Super Spy that helps Mikko with his adventure along the way!

What's this? The Hissing Hypno-Cat has his sight back! 
"Ahhh.... You, SM? Well..this time you will be defeated! The mastermind Jack gave me a potion, and I can see now! Not even your precious little precise movements can save you now super Mikko!!!! MWAHAHAHA! HISSSSS!"

Then SM meets a Chimpanzee 

And now some Jack and Diamond stuffs:
Now, we haven't heard from the evil mastermind yet, have we? Nobody knows this Masterminds plan. So, lets have him tell it to you!
"My plan is to make an army of evil Super Mikko's, but to do that, I have to be patient. I will make duplicates of myself and Diamond, so when SM comes to save her, he will be expecting a big battle with me. So, he will battle the duplicate of me (which will be very weak), and take home the duplicate of his precious Diamond. Then, the Diamond duplicate will spy on SM for me, get fur from him, and then bring it to me. Then I shall take world domination with my army of evil SM's!!!! Hahahah!"


So now, it 'tis moms turn to take the story from where it ended:

As SM made his way out of the tunnel, he wondered: Where am I? But then he knew...
He was at the entrance of the Mastermind Jack's labyrinth. The door was open, a leery blue glow coming from the opening. Voices drifted faintly around, which made SM shudder.

SM padded forward, into the door, making no sound at all. 
Then, he felt himself being lifted up by his cape. He was about to say something then a paw came over his mouth. Dog paw! Then he was set down. SM was outside now, and he was on a smooth road. He looked behind him, but nothing was there. "Hello?" SM said. "Be quiet!" Barked a voice in his ear. He turned and saw a black dog sitting before him.

"I will help you along the way, SM." Said the dog. "Why?" SM asked. "Because my brother has betrayed me, but I think something corrupted him, he was never evil. He was always good, sometimes mischievous, like we used to be. But now, he has betrayed me by going behind my back and saying that I tried to do whatever to him..I cant even remember what he said about me, it was so long ago." SM felt sorry for this dog. "Sorry to hear that. He captured my girlfur Diamond, and she is counting on me to save her. I will do anything to get to her. What is your name?" "Maggie." She said. "Well then Maggie, lets get going!" He said. "Not so fast. 
We have to save him, and this is how,"—Maggie pulled out a dart—"we have to get this into one of his legs, then the corruption will break and he will be my brother again." SM nodded and they started back towards the labyrinth. SM wants so badly to save Diamond, and now he wants to help Maggie too.



So sorry if you wanted a longer post, but this is how we do things MOL! Have a pawsome day, and I hope you all want to read more next week!


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