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Mikko'z Monday #8 Continues

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Hey everyfur!! It'z Mikko'z Monday!!

Now, this is the continuation of last Mikko'z Monday!

SM meets a super spy named Maggie..

"I will help you along the way, SM." Said the dog. "Why?" SM asked. "Because my brother has betrayed me, but I think something corrupted him, he was never evil. He was always good, sometimes mischievous, like we used to be. But now, he has betrayed me by going behind my back and saying that tried to do whatever to him..I cant even remember what he said about me, it was so long ago." SM felt sorry for this dog. "Sorry to hear that. He captured my girlfur Diamond, and she is counting on me to save her. I will do anything to get to her. What is your name?" "Maggie." She said. "Well then Maggie, lets get going!" He said. "Not so fast. 
We have to save him, and this is how,"—Maggie pulled out a dart—"we have to get this into one of his legs, then the corruption will break and he will be my brother again." SM nodded and they started back towards the labyrinth. SM wants so badly to save Diamond, and now he wants to help Maggie too.

So now, mamma takez her place in telling the story:

*Ahem* Now, where was I? Ah yes.

As they came back to the labyrinth, Super Kitty Mikko couldn't see a door or an entrance anywhere. But then, he focused on a spot where there was a black brick on the wall. He squinted, and then, very slowly, the spot on the wall with the black brick started to ripple and tremble. SM couldn't help but gasp a bit as the walls turned black. He has seen secret entrances appear before, but never like this.
Maggie snickered as they walked through the secret entrance.

Maggie stiffened as they heard a male voice say "Now, just hold still and let me get a piece of fur!" Then they heard a female shriek. Mikko nearly jumped out of his fur and skin, at the sound of Diamond's cry.

"Leave me alone!!" Diamond cried. "I need a piece of your fur!!!" Jack cried. "TO BAD!!!" Diamond was enraged and scared. Then the door burst open and a black dog and...SM!!! SM was here to save her!!! But...why was he with a dog? "LEAVE HER ALONE!" The dog cried. Its voice was female. 
Jack was in utter shock. He was staring wide-eyed at the black dog. "M-Maggie?"
Maggie...the name suited her. With Jack distracted, SM —Her SM— grabbed an object from the dog —Maggie— and dashed towards Jack.  Diamond saw that he was holding some kind of dart. 
SM just about stuck it into Jack when the Mastermind grabbed super Mikko, her Mikko, and held him by his cape. "You think you can get that into me?" He said, then he grabbed the dart and flicked SM to the side like he was a softball. Then he tossed aside the dart. "SM!!" Diamond shrieked. Maggie snarled and lunged for the dart. She grabbed it and jumped on top of the cage Diamond was in. Wow! Diamond thought.
Now it was Jack's turn to snarl. Diamond scuttled to the farthest corner of the cage and curled into a ball. SM was staggering to get up. Diamond moved over towards him.
"Mikko, the lock! Its right beside you!" She whispered as quietly as she could. 
SM got to his feet without a sound, then used his claw to break open the lock. Soundlessly, Diamond sneaked into a corner and stayed there. 
"I thought you left after the 'incident'?" Maggie's lip curled. "Nope, I am right here, fur and all."Jack attempted to climb the cage, but failed. "Ouch!" Maggie said. "Hey SM, Jack over here hit his head real hard, now would be the time for the dart. You gotta come help." "Coming!" SM padded over to Maggie and helped her put the dart into Jack's leg. 


This will be continued and ended next Monday...

I hoped you all enjoyed that post!! At the end its a little long, but its worth the read!!
Isn't it getting very fierce? Anyway, time to end this long long post!

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