Friday, December 13, 2013

Pet Parade!!!

Welcome to my Pet Parade Blog Hop!

Hey everyone! This is a blog hop hosted by: Rascal and Rocco!

Since its snowy and winter-y, I've decided to show off a picture of Mikko with a winter-y frame!
Brr! Bundle up everyone!
Where we live, its all snowy and icy. We've been decorating for Christmas and whatnot too!
Have you been decorating? 
Mikko has been "helping" me decorate, by running off with the lights and stuff...*Sigh* If I ever get them up, I'll post some pics. And be sure to check out tomorrow's post, its a flash back! 
I hope you all get great presents! Now I am going to hand it over to Mikko for a moment.
Mikko---> Oh my cat!! Its almost Catmas! What do you think you will get from Santa Paws everyfur? Its sooo cold out there! I cant wait until winter is over. Mom and I are on the same page, we like the snow...From far away! Its fun to watch...Far away! And its not going to be over until like...What, March? That's what Mom said...Whatever a March is. Anyway, back to Mom!

Okay, so comment saying what you think you might get for Catmas, or what you might get your kitties for Christmas! I am going to get Mikko something he will surely love

Show off with Rascal and Rocco everyone!
Thats all for now! Stay positive, and I will see you on Saturday for a one time post!

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  1. thanks for visiting our blog frankie has already gotten his gifts from the family his stocking and a small case of wet food but will see what the Intel people give him they sponsor our family at x-mas because we are low income last year they got him a kitty condo so we'll see.following on bloglovin and google+ do you have a fb page would love to follow you on fb plmk

    1. Your quite welcome, thanks for stopping by mine!
      Ooh, I'm sure he will love that!
      Oh thank you! No, I don't have fb or twitter account, thanks for asking though!

  2. We've been doing a little more un-decorating than decorating! :)

    Thanks for visiting us!

  3. We have been helping Mommy decorate. Mommy says our presents are secrets.

  4. Such a sweet pic! Run with those decorations while you can, Mikko! My boys are hoping for a cat tree, but will be getting something smaller. Much, much smaller. Thank you for sharing the Pet Parade! Fantastic!

    1. Mikko--> Thanks guys! MOL! I'll try!
      Me---> LOL, same with Mikko!
      Your welcome, thanks!
      And thanks for reading!


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