Friday, December 20, 2013

Pet Parade!!!

Welcome to Pet Parade!!!
This is a blog hop! Hosted by: Rascal and Rocco!

Today I am going to let Mikko do the talking, or some of it anyway lol! 

Mikko---> Hey everyfur! Its me, Mikko! Today I am going to do the post, well at least some of it! 
So, here are 2 pics of moi! (Me) 

"Not going to pose for the camera Mikko?" Nope. "Ok then"

"Still not going to pose?" Nope. "Fine"

Well....I guess Mikko isn't going to pose!
Mikko---> Nope. Sorry everyfur, I guess I just didn't wanna pose...But anyways, ain't I just a cutie anyway? So, I guess I'll hand it back to mom, purrs and Siamese kisses to you everyfur, from Mikko! 

Ok....So I guess that wraps it up for today's Pet Parade everyone! Hope you enjoyed the pics...Of Mikko's side LOL!

So, stay positive and I will see you on Black and White Sunday!!!!

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  1. Great post!!! My pets dont like posing for the camera either! LOL

  2. Love that you're sharing the Pet Parade Hop! I look forward to it each week! Staying cozy by the fire, good idea!

  3. Thanks! Me too! LOL yep, gotta love the warm fire on a cold winter day!
    Thanks for reading!


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