Thursday, December 19, 2013

We've been decorating: Happy This 'n' That Thursday!

Welcome to This 'n' That Thursday everyone!
Hosted by: 2 Brown Dawgs and Ruckus the Eskie!
"Me???" Yes, you. 
So, today for This 'n' That Thursday today, I was thinking I would post about our decorations for Christmas! 
So, I've been decorating the best I can while Mikko is sleeping, so he doesn't destroy or run off with the decors. 
I always do up a little village :)


Decorated the t.v stand too, there is my Florida snowman LOL! Its melted ;)

Merry Moose-mas LOL!

So, stay positive and we will see you tomorrow in the PP! 

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  1. Thank you for linking up to This 'N That Thursday Blog Hop. What great holiday decorations! Happy Holidays and see you next week...if not earlier!

  2. I love the cateyes in the start of your blog. And your Christmas decorations are so fine and cozy.

  3. Thanks for joining TNT. Cute decorations. Love the village! I have a Dicken's village that I never have time to put out anymore. I also have an "Its A Wonderful Life" village that I bought at Target years ago. Sadly, haven't put that out either. I will just have to enjoy your village. :)

    1. Your welcome! Thanks, I thought so too!
      LOL! Well, have fun then lol.
      Thanks for reading!

  4. Love the merry-moose-mas...nice decorstions


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