Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Sunday to all!

Hiya everyone!
Today is a happy day! You know why? No?
Well, I'll tell you then!
Its a special day called "Super cat Sunday". Not literally, we are not going to make our kitties superhero's, I mean look like them, although...

Jax does look good undercover...Mikko refuses to hide his identity, he says that he is to pawsome, and that EVERYFUR must know about him, not a fake Mikko. (Maybe because I told him if he went undercover, I would call him Kikko instead..*snickers*).

Jax, *AHEM* I mean, Mr. HissyMc Hisserson and Mikko went for a lovely walk in the Canva park.

JAX! Why are you not undercover?

Jax: Umm.......*Just keep eating, just keep eating!*

*Ahem* You don't wanna make me reveal your nickname, do you?

Jax: You wouldn't

Try me Mr.

Jax: *Small Snicker* Mhmm, I'll get right on that.

You asked for it, Mr. Jaxer Baxer Boosers!

Jax: MOM! How could you?

Mikko: HAHAHAHAH!!!! Mr. Jaxer Baxer Boosers! TOO FUNNY! *Snickers* That's your new name from now on! HAHA!

Oh yeah Meeker Meeks?

Mikko: GASP! Mum! Secret nicknames stay secret!

Mhmm, yet as you say this, you didn't keep Jax's secret very well, now did you? 

Mikko: But, you told our readers! *Sigh* 

Jax: HAH! My turn to laugh! Meeker Meeks! Aww the little baby Meeker Meeks!

Mikko: *Siamese Stare* You don't wanna go there Jax. Never go there. 

AHEM! You guys, can I get back to the post now?

Jax: Okay, Meeker Meeks lets go *Snickers*

Ah, okay. Now, back to the post, now that they are FINALLY gone!  
I know you are probably wondering what a "Canva" is. Canva is a photo editor, we were invited to join by Love is being owned by a husky. It's kind of confusing, though it is pretty cool. BUT, most of their stuff costs money. Only $1.00, but still, I wish there was a good photo editor where you don't have to pay for anything. 

Anyways, Happy Super Cat Sunday everyfur! Hope you and your kitty have a pawtastically pawsome day, and your kitty is super, cape or no cape!

PS: You are welcome to post your own Super Cat Sunday! Tell us your kitty(s) undercover name(s) and put them in a cape! (Maybe even add a beard or a mustache like we did with Jax to jazz it up a bit!) Make sure to tell us if you decide to do a Super Cat Sunday post next Sunday! We will feature you in our Sunday post, saying that you participated! 


  1. We haven't heard about SuperCat Sunday...but of course we think we're SuperCats with or without a cape!

    1. We made it up ourselves :-)
      You definitely are! No cape needed to be super, especially for cats!!

  2. We started to leave a comment and got distracted with the canva site you mentioned. We can't remember if we actually left the comment we wrote, so if this is a 2nd, please delete it.

    We like your cape and mustache. You look like a super sleuth.

    1. MOL! Nope, only one comment here!

      Thanks! Jax says thanks too!

  3. Loving super cat Sunday!!!!
    Great idea!
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Thanks guys!
      Hope your having a great weekend as well!

  4. Cool cape and mustache! Hope you had a great Sunday!

  5. Hi there! I just saw your comment on my Tasty Tuesday post so I ran right over! I added you to my bloglovin' feed so I can follow you better!

  6. Thanks @Oz! We will have to follow you on Bloglovin as well!


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