Monday, August 4, 2014

Mikko'z Monday #9

Hey everyone. I know, we haven't been blogging. So, you all probably forgot about "Mikko'z Monday". So, to refresh your memories, we will tell you.
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So, if you read the last post (Which its okay if you don't want to), then you know that last we left off, Jack has been 'defeated', or so you think.

*Ahem* *Pats down hair*

Just get on with it mum. 

Meow. Haha, literally. 
Um, Mikko, why are you looking at me like I am a she devil? 

Tell the story. Just tell it.


We left off where:

Mikko and Maggie put the dart into Jack's leg. Now what?

As Jack's eyes slowly fluttered open, he heard voices. "...what do we do?" A female voice. Then, slowly, the memories flowed back into his mind. The plot, the captured cat, SM, his sister Maggie, everything. "I don't know." More clear now. He just barely recognized Maggie's voice. Then he remembered the 'incident'. He remembered it like it was yesterday. They were playing together, when their owner came with some treats. Jack got his after Maggie. She finished before him, and then he dropped his. Maggie swooped in like a bird and stole his treat. HIS treat! Jack was so enraged at the time, he ran away. His owner chased him, and then he was gone. Running faster then the wind. Ever since, he has been plotting against Maggie. As he grew older, Maggie and their owner grew sadder. But, as he grew, his rage dissolved to every person in the world, instead of Maggie. He forgot all about her and that day. But he never forgot his rage.
Just then his "room" door opened. Maggie and Super kitty Mikko walked in, closely followed by Diamond. 
He laid down on the chair in the room and pretended to be asleep.

"What do we do with him?" Asked SM. "Well," Maggie said. "What do you think?" "I believe he can be good. I want to teach him the betters of being a SuperHero instead of a Mastermind." 
At that, Jack opened his eyes. He faked yawned and said, "Where am I?" Then yawned for real. They all turned to him. Diamond winced, as if remembering something painful. 
"I am going to make you good."  Said Mikko. He held out his paw. His eyes said it all. "Take my paw. Change, be good. I will teach you to be a super hero. Please. Do it for me, the world, and Maggie. Please." Jack took his paw, and from that day forward, Mikko taught Jack to be good, and he was one of the best super hero's there ever was, just like SM.

He became...


There you have it folks, the Mikko'z Monday Adventures have come to a conclusion!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great post! Great ending to your adventure!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Oooh, gotta love a good superhero story! Yay for Party Pooch!! :) 💜 xo from Miss Destiny & Momma Asia

  3. We love superheroes and the ending of your story was awesome! Yay Party Pooch!

  4. A pawesome post, we thoroughly enjoyed! :D


  5. * looks impressed * Wow - that a cool story. Now there are super hero capes and happy endings!

    Harvey Button

  6. Hey Mikko, Jax and Mom
    we just sent you an email. We are glad to see you back and love your fishes and paws
    hugs madi your bfff

    1. Hi, I don't think we got it?
      Thanks! We're glad you like it.

  7. Thanks for this very pawesome post! To good to be a superhero! ahahaha.

    1. Your welcome!! Glad you liked it!
      And thank YOU! MOL!


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