Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oz's Bad Poetry day

Hey everyone! 
Today we are joining Oz the Terrier for Bad Poetry day!
Thanks Oz for making this PAWTASTIC contest/bloghop! 

Now, I'm not the best poet, so this should be easy! Mikko, Jax and I thought up some poems for each other. We hope you like them!

Mikko's Poem 

Everyfur should know about my awesomeness.
People say I am full of obnoxiousness,
But my awesomeness is just bottomless! 

Written by: The great Mikko himself 
(He insisted!)

Jax's Poem 

He started out in a cage,
Mikko wanted to name him Sage.
Then he came out and about,
But he stole our hearts without a doubt!

Written by: The Momz

My poem:

Our mommy is really great,
She makes us both gravitate.
We love her so,
But sometimes she is as cold as snow!
Without a doubt,
She is very stout!

Written by:....Wait, Mikko did you just call me stout?

Mikko: What? It rhymes! 

!!! You could have said something like: "She makes us runabout!"  AND you said I am cold as snow sometimes! I am not!

Mikko: That makes no sense. And yes, you are sometimes. When we jump up on the counter and attempt to eat human food off of the burning hot stove you are.

Sure it does! AND it would have been better than "She is stout"!!!!
And thats because I don't want you two to melt your tongues off!

Mikko: It's SUPPOSED to be bad poetry! And that would NEVER happen, my tongue is too awesome to melt away. I don't know about Jax's though...

Anyway, that was our poems. Hmph. 

We are entering the contest blog hop late though. But we are not in it for the win, we are in it for the fun! 

* See those moving photo albums? Those are from Bionic Basil. He did a post about that, and he put a link for all to visit the website. If you click HERE, you can make your own photo album! And if you click around the website, you can find some templates and add your photos! You can do some VERY cool things on this website! *

Thanks for reading !


  1. Woah! So cool! I love that photo album thing! I will definitely be checking that out!
    Love your bad, good poems!
    Voting for you :)

  2. We like your "bad" poetry :) Really like the photo album thing too!

  3. Hahahaha! Great poems! Stout? hahaha! I love the page turning book too. Thanks for the info! ☺

  4. BOL! Great BAD poems! I especially like the first one! Oh, you weren't entering the hop late...it is open all week, through Friday and only then will I start judging who is the absolute WORST!

  5. Love it. My favorite part is: "Our mommy is great; she makes us both gravitate." Just brilliant.

  6. hehehe you are all just too funny,xx Speedy

  7. Bravo that is very good bad poetry!

  8. MOL! Now that's some good bad poetry! We love the albums too. What a cool effect.

  9. Thanks so much @Jenna! That means a lot to us!
    So glad you decided to check out Pho.to!

  10. Thanks @Marty! We are so glad you liked it!
    The photo album is very cool!

  11. MOL! Yeah, thats my boys for ya! Thanks so much @MK Clinton!

  12. Oh, thats great! Thanks @Oz!
    I don't know if we will be in the top ten worst poems, the boys say that the poems were a little too good! MOL!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. Thanks so much @Vanessa! We worked hard to write those poems for you to enjoy! Or...not enjoy? MOL!

  14. Thanks @Madi! We are glad you liked it...or, didn't? Its so confusing! MOL!

  15. We thought so too, @Island cats!
    Thanks so much!

  16. Those poems ARE bad but I hardly noticed cos I couldn’t take my eyes off those books. MOL!

  17. MOL! @CK! We are glad you...um...didn't like them? SO CONFUSING! MOL!

  18. That is neato!

    We just 'discovered' you here in Blogland! We are 2 meezers and a JRT pup.
    Pipo looks like Mikko...
    Minko is a blue type.
    We didn't enter any bad poems, but the silly dog-guy did...

    We are gonna add yo to our 'follow' list, OK?

  19. Um, we furgot to say we liked your (bad) poems, MOL!

  20. That's PAWSOME @Meezers! Thanks so much! We will check out your blog for sure!

  21. Great poems! And the books are really awesome! I love how each one is customized to go with each poem!

  22. Love the poems but too hard to pick a winnah!
    And Bionic Basil is just the BEST!
    What a cool cat.
    We are so glad you came to visit as it is so nice to meet new furends

  23. @Timmy
    Oh yes, all of the poems are so bad! And by bad, we mean good! MOL!
    Oh yes, we love his blog! He shares so many great tips!

    Well, thank YOU for coming by our blog! :) We love making new furriends!


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