Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years Eve!!!

Hello everyone, and Happy New Years Eve!!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! OMC, I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of 2014!!
Mikko and I have been planning some New Year "resolutions"! Would you like to hear them?
OK! Here we go then!

So one of my big "resolution" for 2014 is to read a bit more. Why you ask? Well, I read when I go to bed, and I would like to read more than play on my mini-tablet LOL! Mostly I read a chapter, then play word games and stuff until I feel drowsy enough to sleep. I like to get really thick books, so I'm busy with a book for some time before I decide to put the book away and play on the mini-tablet.
Anyway, another big "resolution" is....hmm.....Maybe Ill let Mikko talk until I think of one LOL.

Mikko--> Hey everyfur! Its almost next year!!!!! Iz you ready for some fun? Me and Mom sure are! Mom said she gotz me some tasty treats......I cant wait to openz them! What do you think your momz got youz? Anywayz, here iz a pic of me in a New Yearz frame!

Happy New Yearz!
Soz, pretty awezome right? MOL! 
If youz are wondering where we get theze kool framez, we getz them from a website called "Imikimi". Youz have to sign up, but itz fun and eazy! So, I'll hand it back to momz. Happy New Yearz!!!!

Well, I guess that idea is out LOL! Anyway, I thought of a "resolution" While I went to eat a cookie when Mikko did some talking LOL! My "resolution" is......*Drum Roll Please* I want to.....To...Tooo........OK! Ill stop piling on the deathly suspense! I would like to adopt a kitten when I return from my visit to Florida in January to March! I know I know......Sorry I didn't say something earlier! Just so busy with the holidays....And guess what!!! I have received something you all know and love...The best present yet....Mikko!
My --Blurry-- Best present pic ever!
So, its a little blurry but it'll do. So I bet your wondering how he got the bow on his head eh?
Well.........He was sitting on the chair and I saw the bow there. I saw Mikko eyeing it.....Then I had an idea. Whats the best gift I can receive, I thought, So I can post it?  Then I looked at Mikko and said to myself, "Thats the best gift I can receive!" So...I put the bow on him, and took numerous pics LOL!
(Just so you know the bow is not tight around his head, it kept falling off)

Well, stay positive and we will see you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday! 
Byez everyfur!!!!!! 

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Thanks for reading!

P.S: If the pictures go into my sidebar, just ignore that, Ill find some way to fix it.


  1. Replies
    1. OMC Its 2014!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Replies
    1. OMC Its 2014!!! Happy New Year!!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. HNY 2014! Those ribbons look like pearls around your neck!

    1. MOL They do don't they! Purrs from me and hugs from mom!
      Thanks for reading!


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