Thursday, December 12, 2013

This 'n' That Thursday!

Happy This 'n' That Thursday everyone!
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Hope you are all having a great Thursday!
So, for This 'n' That Thursday, I am going to do rescue stories or animal tragedies if I hear about any. If I don't then Ill post something else MOL!

Ouch..Some serious damage done here!
So for today's story, I have a story about a bus crashing into an Animal Shelter on Wednesday, October Second in Chicago area.

This bus was a school bus....It crashed into Niles Animal Shelter,  with 25 pets in it. 
Two women on the bus were not hurt, but now the shelter cant accept 75 rescue dogs that were due there soon. 
An update on 9 p.m Wednesday:
A missing cat has been found since the crash, and Touhy Avenue has been re-opened to the traffic caused by the crash. Write - Way has found some foster homes for all the animals for the night. It reported on their FB page and its board of directors had a meeting about deciding  to proceed in the immediate aftermath. Write - Way has primarily found homes for southern Illinois animals, which would have otherwise likely been euthanized. It had 75 animals due to arrive this weekend, but now it says that it cannot accept them because it has no place to put them. 
It also says that the bus has been pulled out of the building, and the antenna tower on top of the building had to be taken down, and the roof collapsed. 
Write - Way Animal Rescue is now looking for donations to help it re-build on its FB Page. (That's from the article). 
They said they do not own the building, but it has made thousands of dollars of work into it for the past few years, to accommodate the pets' needs. 

Thanks for reading, stay positive, and I will see you tomorrow in the Pet Parade!!

Happy This 'n' That Thursday everyone!!!

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And I am going to feature a big help: Love is being owned by a Husky. They have been a big help to me, I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for they're help. So thank you!

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Oh my goodness what a story! I hope they are able to find homes for all those animals soon and get the funds they need. Good thing the school bus was mostly empty too. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    1. I know, when I saw it I was like...What!
      I hope so too. Yes, very good!
      Your welcome!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow what great stories. Thank you for sharing. Especially sad about the bus incident.

    Thanks for hopping onto This 'N That Thursday Bloghop this week. See you next week (if not earlier!)

    1. Mhmm, very good indeed. Your quite welcome! I am sad about it too.

      Your welcome, thanks for reading!

  3. When you mentioned this, I thought it sounded familiar. I read about it on another blog shortly after it happened. Just awful!

    1. Yea, I hope lots of people saw it and posted!
      That is just awful, I hope they get donations!

  4. Hi there Christine and Mikko! Thanks for mentioning my blog, I am very glad to help!
    Very sad story, I hope everyone gets through it ok

    1. Hey Jenna and the girls! Your very very welcome!
      Yea, when I saw it I just had to post about it, I hope they get donations!

  5. Thanks so much for joining TNT. Gosh that is some story about the rescue. I am familiar with that area because I used to live in and around Chicago. I sure hope they figure something out and insurance covers the damages or a move.


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