Monday, February 10, 2014

❀Mikko'z Monday #3! ❀

Hey everyfur! Welcume to this weeks Mikko'z Monday! A good post, for the day that everyfur despises, MOL!

Iz everyfur excited? Don't know what in the world I iz talkin' about? Well, ill tell ya! The Sochi 2014 Olympics are going on! Well, I am sure most of youz knew that, MOL! Anyway, for thoze of you who missed the Opening Ceremony, go Here to see a slideshow on Youtube. And you can see some pics of what haz happened. Mum got to watch it on TV, but I didn't. I waz to buzy eatin a straw. MOL!

So last Mikko'z Monday, we talked about Siamese kitties colorz. Today, letz talk about the breedz history. 

(This one iz my favorite fact !) The Siamese Cat was one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Oriental Cats. One of the several breeds native to Thailand. In the 20th century the Siamese cat became one of the most popular breeds in Europe and North America . The modern Siamese is characterized by it's blue almond shaped eyes and it's triangle head, large ears, slender and muscular body, and point coloration. TICA describes the breed as social, intelligent and playful into adulthood, often enjoying a game of fetch.
(Totally me!!!!) Siamese kitties prefer to live in pairs or groups and also seek human interaction. Their Meezer nickname refers to their vocal nature.
The Oriental cat was developed to expand the range of coat patterns while the Thai preserves a moderate head and body type.

Lilac Point-Siamese
Sadly, some inexperienced breeders have tried to breed Siamese in the past, and unfortunately the poor kitties come out Cross-Eyed.


This iz a side-view of an adult Seal-Point Siamese!

So, we do not want to use all the factz up so we don't have any for next Monday!!!

So keep purring!

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Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Yeah...I was having trouble getting your blog to load for me...but it is working today. :) I knew Siamese was an old breed, but I did not know about the cross-eyed problem.

    1. Yea I have had some loading troubles myself :)
      Neither did I, but when I did some research I found that out.
      Thanks for stoppin by!

  2. Wow its great to get to know more history behind Siamese! That's so sad about the cross eyed problem to!!
    ((Husky hugz))

  3. Some interesting facts!!!!!! Love your new header and the background of hearts

  4. Some interesting facts!!!!!! Love your new header and the background of hearts

  5. HAHA a bit cross eyed but still cute!

  6. ♥♥Happy Valentines Day♥♥

    Wishing mew a beautiful day

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xox

  7. I would rather eat a straw, than look at the tv too ha ha.

    1. LOL Yea, I guess cats and dogs can agree on some tiny things after all!


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