Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day!!!

Hey everyone! Today is Valentines Day!! Its also the day of the Pet Parade! 
This hop is hosted by Rascal and Rocco!

Since it is VD (Valentines Day), we have made a collage of Mikko, keeping in the lovey VD theme.

I am very sorry. If you cannot read the writing, here is what it says: "Happy Valentines Day!!      
Frem Your Furriend Mikko At Happiness Is Siamese!" Have a happy VD, and lets hope the dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, birds, lizards ETC...*Panting* get lots of treats..Over *Huff* VD!


So Stay Positive and we will see you tomorrow for Sepia Saturday!!! And don't forget:

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    1. Love the Mikko photo! Great job on your effects!
      ♥♥husky love hugz♥♥

    2. Great to see you at the Pet Parade! Happy Valentines Day!! And Beautiful picture! Rascal and Rocco

    3. We hope your Valentine's Day was purrfect!

      1. It was! I got lotz of treats frem Mommy and Mommy got chocolates for herself! We hope your VD was purrfect az well!

    4. I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!


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