Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sepia Saturday!!

Hey everyone, and welcome to this weeks Sepia Saturday!! This hop is hosted by our good pal who also hosts TT, Ruckus the Eskie!

We also have a poll on our sidebar! A true or false question that goes on until 3-1-2014 8:11PM, so you guys have some time to vote. Then , when our poll is over , we will post the results. Good Luck to all the voters!

Today for Sepia Saturday, we took the picture of a RedHead Herring and made it Sepia, using our favorite Photo Editor, BeFunky!

A RedHead Herring is..Well its kinda obvious but its a Herring with red feathers on its forehead lol.

We don't have much to say today. Warm temps in Florida, lovin' the vaca. 

Look closely at the photo. See, right there, in the bottom right corner! What..*Squints* what is that? OH! I see it now! It says, ©Happiness Is Siamese!  And a little picture of a Siamese cat! It MUST be a watermark! Yep, thats right! We made ourselves a watermark! Our blog signature, and a Siamese symbol! From now on, we will put our watermark on all of our pics!  

So stay positive and we will see you for Mikko'z Monday #5, we wont be able to make it to B&WS.

P.S.: We are still figuring out our email subscription issues. After we publish our posts, it goes to your email at 10:00AM. So, we are going to start sending out our posts the day before, so it comes to your email the day it is suppose to. Thanks!


  1. Hi Y'all!

    He's stunning in sepia.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. That's a cool picture of that birdie.

  3. Love that shot!!! Even nicer in sepia!!! great job! Glad your having fun in Florida!
    ((husky hugz))

    1. Thanks! Definitely! Thanks! Oh, I am alright, thanks!

  4. A couple of thoughts on this post:

    1) Love that funky sepia photo of the red herring! Thank you dear friend for sharing.

    2) I will go vote now. Fun idea with the polls. I started that for a while and then got lazy! Will have to restart polling because the data is just too fun. That's how I learned the many ways people pronounced Sepia. Who would have thunk?

    3) Watermark: Good idea! I've been trying to stamp my instagram photos because there are more stealing there. Been lagging with the photos here. What do you use for it? Photoshop?

    4) Technical difficulty: Looks like we are all having problem with our sites! See you next week on Sepia Saturday! Hopefully LinkyTool won't act up again.

    Ok that's it for my long comment. Sometimes, there's just too much to say and it's easier for me to break it down to sections!

    1. LOL Thats alright!
      My replies:
      1st thought: I love it too, and your furry welcome!
      2nd thought: Yea I saw a few blogs with polls like yours and I thought it would be neat to do one as well. lol, I pronounce Sepia like Seh-pea-ah, I think its kinda weird, but thats how I say! LOL!
      3rd thought: Yea, sometimes people do that. But with a signature, people will know that it belongs to you. I used PicMonkey for this watermark, because its harder to do it with BeFunky. If you are wondering how to do it, feel free to email me at crysta6705(at)gmail(dot)com
      4th thought: *pants* OK! Yea, I had to join the hop on Sunday because LinkyTool did that. But its all good now! Mhmm, lets hope so!

      OK! Lol, I agree!
      See you for TT hopefully!

  5. Nice picture! We voted :-) That was a good idea.

  6. Beautiful. And I love the new watermark as well.

    1. OMC so sorry for the late response. Thanks though.


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