Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kinda Wordless Wednesday!!!

Hey everyone, this is Wordless Wednesday bein' thrown atcha! 
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So, today for um Wordless Wednesday..I guess..We have some Florida pics for ya!

You couldn't really see the dolphin in this pic, so I re-sized it and circled out the dolphin. Cool, huh?!

A dock

Some Palm Trees

I tried my best to blur out the faces, but this is a place called Berts where I had lunch on V Day
So hope you enjoyed the pics and we will keep ya posted!


What? You didn't really think I'd leave without putting a picture of my boy in here did you?


  1. Hi, great photos. I have a 16 yo siamese. :)

  2. OMD! I LOVE dolphins!!!! Great photo's! I know your having a great vaca! Stay safe!
    ((husky hugz))

  3. Great photos! I love the one with the dolphin. My family lives in Florida and sometimes I think I must be the weird one for not living there. :)

  4. What great pictures, especially the dolphin! Ahhh to be in the FL sunshine instead of snowy NY. Loved seeing those pictures!

  5. HI!! *waves paws* You look like our Unca Ryker. He was a Chocolate point Tonk!

    1. OMC! SO sorry for the late response. But Hi! MOL, well then I bet Ryker was very hansom.


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