Monday, February 17, 2014

❀Mikko'z Monday #4!!!❀

Hey everyfur! Today is our fourth Mikko'z Monday!!

Today for MM, letz talk 'bout some solid facts about Siamese kitties. Siamese cats are not only a popular breed across Europe and other countries, but they are also one of the most intelligent breeds out there as well. They are also pro stalkers, as all the other kitties. Click Here to watch a Siamese kitty named Simba stalk some sheep, MOL! Another fact about Siamese you may want to know before adopting one, Siamese kitties can be...well...temperamental, you might put it. I do this weird Hiss thing if something provokes me. So to all cat owners who might want a Siamese, beware of our evil side...MWAHAHAHAHAHA--...*Cough cough* HAHAHHA!! 


MOL...Just don't get on my nerves ...Then it wont be mol for long...  So, another fact about Siamese. Siamese kitties are one of the most ancient breeds in the world, as the Sphinx is. The Sphinx is a hairless cat. Mum has felt one before at a Cat Show, and she said that they feel like Peach Fuzz, and she says that they are so soft. I taught him a lesson he wont soon forget...I tickled him silly with my fuzzy tail MOL! He was laughing so hard he was outta breath and his face looked like he was screaming...MOL..Yea...I get a...well..Tad bit jealous when mum admires another kitty. But, I wont bring any harm to any kitty..Even if Mum likes him. 

People were pointing at him and saying, "OH DEAR ME, WHAT A FEARFUL SIGHT!" But, good as ever, I came to the rescue and hypnotized the little bugger and ordered him to smile pretty for the cameras that were pointing in his direction. But, strangely enough, he didn't listen to my swirling eyes. He darted off and instead, this cute little kitten took his place and smiled pretty. I clapped my pawz and I said, 'By Golly, You Got It Little Buddy!' He took a bow then trotted off.

 I bowed and posed for the camera, but then I had enough.

OK everyfur, its time to wrap it up. I hope you enjoyed this weeks Mikko'z Monday!!! 

Have a great week everyfur!!!


  1. Wow! Those cats were.....interesting! Lol !!!!
    Love your Siamese facts as always :)
    ((Husky hugz))

  2. Those sphinx kitties look a bit


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